Venetian terrazzo does not need any particular care. It is known for its durability and practicality of maintenance.

After having consigned the work and after some time, some dull zones due to deposited dust can appear on the pavement. To bring back the terrazzo’s optimal aspect, it is sufficient to wipe away the dust with a damp cloth and then polish it with a household polishing machine.

As time passes it is suggested to periodically perform a wax treatment on those zones which are more prone to everyday wear. One should first wipe with a damp cloth, then with the same cloth spread a very thin layer of liquid wax and finally polish with a polishing machine.

In order to obtain a particularly brilliant polish we suggest using steel wool under the brushes of the polishing machine because they will totally remove any wax remaining on the surface. This operation must be done rarely (once a year) because an excessive amount of wax which has not been absorbed by the pavement would remain on the surface creating fastidious marks. A pavement treated with linseed oil should be cleaned using natural detergents only and refreshed every three to four years (based on wear). Cleaning using water mixed with liquid wax will help maintain a shiny surface. It is best to avoid cleaning the pavement inappropriate detergents – ammonia, bleach, detergents containing hydrochloric acid – because in due time they will corrode the surface.

Even if the wax treatment protects the pavement from the quick penetration of accidentally spilled liquids, it is best to remember that all liquid substances, in particular those linked to the domestic environment, that is, wine, soft drinks, vinegar and coffee, must be removed immediately so as to limit deep absorption.