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We make Venetian floors

The Venetian terrazzo Flooring Consortium was founded to safeguard the image and reputation of this ancient art, recognised the world over as an artistic and cultural symbol of our region, and to defend the professionalism and potential orders of many terrazzo companies who faithfully follow this noble trade. It has the clear intention of isolating those who try to market low-quality imitations of terrazzo flooring by making it with poor materials and shoddy methods and of increasing the value of the authentic terrazzo. The Venetian Terrazzo Flooring Consortium wants to dictate the general rules for the construction and restoration of Venetian Terrazzo.

The General Rules for the Construction and Restoration of Venetian Terrazzo are part of the internal regulations undersigned by all the Consortium’s members in art. 22 of the Venetian Terrazzo Flooring Consortium’s Statute, which in turn binds its members to operate in a correct and professional manner in all their works and to undergo, at any time, eventual controls done by the Consortium’s Control Commission. The Venetian Terrazzo Flooring Consortium certifies all those works which confirm to the “General Rules for the Construction and Restoration of Venetian Terrazzo” and considers itself alien to all that which does not pertain to its Regulations.

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  • Venetian Terrazzo is the fruit of the Latin people’s genius, a people who were able to exploit the poor elements at their disposal to create a product of great artistic value. This type of pavement, having very antique origins, found its formal expression in  Venice, where in 1586 the “Arte de’ Terrazzeri” was born, the first written set of rules for making terrazzo. Originally in lime, Venetian terrazzo has undergone numerous and continuous evolutions during the centuries, adapting itself to the tastes of each age. The use of grinding machines permitted the

  • Venetian terrazzo is chosen for its great versatility. The combinations of colours and different materials guarantees the possibility of satisfying even the most modern aesthetic needs. Its variegated composition doesn’t let dirt show and the fact that there aren’t any grooves makes it easy to clean throughout the years. Venetian terrazzo is a handicraft where the manual predominates over the mechanical one. For this reason, when observing a traditional Venetian terrazzo one can note the following particularities: it is a conglomerate of marble chips and cement, giving its final aspect, especially

  • Venetian terrazzo does not need any particular care. It is known for its durability and practicality of maintenance. After having consigned the work and after some time, some dull zones due to deposited dust can appear on the pavement. To bring back the terrazzo’s optimal aspect, it is sufficient to wipe away the dust with a damp cloth and then polish it with a household polishing machine. As time passes it is suggested to periodically perform a wax treatment on those zones which are more prone to everyday wear. One should